Why some men love cars so much

Men love their cars. He spends time pampering her, washing and cleaning her, polishing her until she gleams and shines, and be the most attractive. Lots of hard work are put in to make her look good. He fusses over her and attends to her every complain. He talks to her and pampers her by making sure she purrs along. He lavishes her with the best oil and decks her with the best fragrance. He dresses her up beautifully with the best cushion fabric or even leather. Every scratch and squeak, he will not spare the time and money to rectify. He will give her expensive cosmetic surgery to enhance her with turbo, wings, stickers, sports wheels and expensive accessories. For her, only the best will do.

If only men would treat their wives like they treat their cars, How wonderful that would be.

So for the uninitiated and the despairing wives, I read that there are three reasons why men love their cars.

Satisfying the need for speed

I am not sure why, but put a man behind the wheel, he is a changed person. Even for a normally timid person. who pushes nothing but papers and pens in the office,
he is transformed into a tiger when he gets behind the wheel. You find aggressions in him that is ever so well controlled normally. He overtakes anyone who dares to impede him by cutting into his lane and he gets angry with anyone who dares to overtake him when he is already doing 150 km an hour!

When behind the wheel, he wants to be the first in front of everyone. He wants to get to where he wants to get to without hindrances. He wants to be the number one. Perhaps being so far down the food-chain in a large corporation makes him desire to be the hunter rather than be the prey. He has been behind the queue in his organisation but now he wants to go on top. He has a need for speed and in the world within his car he wants to be noticed. His car becomes his oyster. And in this world, he can, within certain limits, do the things he wants to do, anytime, anyhow without being told off. That is why he loves his car. She does not complain over what he does. He is the boss. Nobody tells him what to do when he is alone in his car.

Seeking for thrill that might kill

Perhaps in a mundane world where everything is being idiot proofed and is being made safe for everyone, he seeks thrills to get him out of his dull gray world. He wants to fantasise. Within his car he can get the thrills he desires for, even if kills him in doing so, so be it. He can be satisfied in his need for speed. He can also seek for the thrills that will make him a warrior in his own world.

His primordial ancestors were hunters, therefore he has the instinct to hunt. He needed to hunt for food, and the act of hunting was dangerous and might kill him but the thrill of hunting and killing the prey is something he needed. In this modern world, his search for money to put food on the table is no longer fun. No adrenaline rush in the killing of the animal for food. Today his hunting might kill him with boredom. There is no more thrill. His job might give him a heart attack through stress but this is not thrill he seeks.
Within the world of his car, he can hunt down those in front of him. He will ‘kill’ those that annoy him by chasing them down. After the ‘kill’ of overtaking and screeching round tight corners wiith sheer vertical cliff drop, he becomes satisfied. He seeks that thrill and the car allows him to live out that danger mission. He seeks for thrill even though there might be a risk in getting killed. He become a real man behind the wheel.

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