She is tamed. He loves her.

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.  Perhaps this is why Anil Abraham has found solace in his motorbike and finds riding his motorbike the most enjoyable part of his life currently. This man exemplifies a great man-machine relationship where his motorbike evidently seem to lighten up Anil’s spirit every time he even came close to her. She is his solace, strength and his source of renewable energy.

Her name is Yamaha R6.

March in Qatar is just perfect. Apart from the disturbing dust, most folks can enjoy the departure of winter and look forward to enjoying the outdoor maybe for only thirty days – before the harsh summer sets in.

I took three challenging days of shooting, to get the right capture and to come close to understanding Anil and his love. I must admit that the 3 days were worth every bit and look forward to shooting him when he gets an opportunity to burn wheels on a race track proper. On day three, my son Ronak joined me for the shoot and even he found the experience rewarding.

Anil told me of an important milestone in his life that did not go the way he expected. A surprising turn of event left him dejected and downhearted. He became a recluse and a little bit of an introvert. It was always work, back to his room to sleep, work, sleep and back to his hideout again. It was monotonous routine. Something seems to have punctured and flattened the zest in his life.

Months went by. Uneventful days passed by.

Then one day, a faint ember from deep within him flickered itself into life and began building a fiery feeling inside him – his love for motorbike riding. He had a special liking towards Yamaha motorbikes even as a child and all during his youth days. As if responding to the burning desire that was building within him, he made a resolution he is always glad he had made, and bought himself a Yamaha Superbike, the best in its category – The R6. He recalls this as the most exciting and fruitful decision he has ever made, and only laments why he did not do so any earlier.

Light, powerful, and bristling with knowledge gained from years of racing, the R6 is the most advanced production 600cc motorcycle Yamaha—or anybody else—has ever built. When Yamaha launched the new-generation YZF-R6 for the 2006 season the machine became an overnight sensation. Equipped with the most advanced technology, and featuring aggressive minimalist bodywork, as well as a phenomenally quick engine and an ultra-compact race-bred chassis, the R6 represented a giant leap for high-performance motorcycle design. Anil’s 2007 model R6 engine delivered the most incredible hit of power from 10,000rpm upwards. With its class-leading YCC-T (Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle), free-revving short-stroke configuration, race-developed fuel injection with secondary injectors, and a torque-boosting EXUP system, the 600cc 4-stroke DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 16-valve powerplant this bike is a class of its own.

Anil chose the Yamaha R6 because it provided him with the perfect street bike with a race bike feel. The power and speed that this bike generates is amazing, says Anil. He also says that the R6 rider gets a closer and more connected relationship with the bike’s front end, allowing them to interpret more accurately the feedback from the surface. This allows riders to select and hold the desired line through a curve for quicker and more accurate cornering, which gives a more exciting and satisfying riding experience. There is no other bike on this planet that gives Anil the power, thrill and satisfaction like the Yamaha R6. However, just like a wild Arabian horse, you need to tame her. Once she and you become one, the thrill begins.

All throughout the photo shoot, I kept conversing with Anil about him and his bike. I could sum up his joy and love in these few words: Anil rides because when he does, he can easily ignore pretty much all of his life’s issues, and simultaneously focus on what’s really important at that moment: the challenges of skillful riding and the intense rush of being at one with the bike, the wind, the corner and the moment. In that setting, whether it’s total escapism or total clarity, Anil is fulfilled.

Patric Rozario

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