Dr Rensy and his GMC Yukon Harley Davidson

The first person (and the only) in Qatar who has a Harley Davidson grill in his GMC Yukon.
Shot on Feb 12, 2011. Sunset. Aspire Park, Doha, Qatar.


Off Camera Flash is the way to go.

There is nothing like off camera flash.

Off camera flashes can open up a whole new world to a photographer. One can add in the multitude of modifiers out there (snoots, grids, gels, umbrellas: shoot-through and reflective, diffusers, reflectors, gobos, etc.) and the creative opportunities really become endless. For now just my umbrella (reflective and shoot-through), SB900 Flash and my SU800 Cammander unit are already working wonders for me.

What this photographic project is all about

I loved my bike more than anything else. This was during my college days. Years later I bought my first V6 car, and boy what a feeling it was. Even today I watch other people’s cars and bikes more than I do their wives. What is it about chromosomes that spells love for most things mechanical? What is it about these first loves and crushes that men and women have for machines that move? I am continually engaged to find out more.

My other recent obsession is photography. I’ve found that my interest with photography continues to grow as I find new challenges and aspects of imaging to undertake. Available light is best. I use modifiers to enhance available light. Then I add my own light. Happy with Nikon.

Combining both the above, I am always on the road looking for people and machines to photograph and write about. Then I thought about producing a ‘coffee table book’ about the love of men and women for their machines. This blog is all about this project that I have passionately thrown myself into. The project name is ‘Man and His Machine’.

I thank all of you who have supported, encouraged and participated in this project (is it a quest?).

If you want to get involved by being photographed with your beauty moving machine(s), write to me at patric.rozario@yahoo.com


Patric Rozario